Culture creates intergenerational links, fostering mutual understanding.
Our diverse cultural activities enable young people to develop their confidence and creativity. Seniors share their experience, boosting their confidence and usefulness.
Together, we are building a community where culture inspires and unites generations for a harmonious future.

Our youth activities

The Theatre


During the vacation workshops, children take part in theater workshops in small groups. They can express themselves through improvisation, mime, imitation and other exercises.

Plastic art

Multi-activity courses enable young people to try their hand at a range of creative
such as the plastic arts. Gaelle, the art therapist, offers content adapted to age and season (Halloween, Christmas, Easter). Children leave with a hand-made souvenir of the activity.

Our intergenerational activities

Cultural outings


In the company of senior citizens, the young members of the association set off to discover the more than 130 museums in Paris. Over the course of an afternoon, they share an enriching moment together, led by the museum guide. Through exchanges, questions and answers, everyone learns together in a fun way. These museum visits enable both seniors and the association's young members to take part in cultural activities outside the school or family context. In particular, children from the Réussite Éducative and Éducation par le sport programs can try their hand at cultural visits.

Digital initiations

Digital workshops are offered to young people during the school vacations.
The workshops are offered to young people during the school holidays, and help to forge links and encourage exchanges between the association's young members and senior citizens around a common theme. During a 1h30 session, led by a facilitator, the youngsters answer questions and give advice on the use of digital tools to the seniors.

Our health and senior activities

The creative snack


Aimed at independent seniors and EHPAD residents, creative tea parties are offered once or twice a month. Conducted by an art therapist, this convivial time of exchange over a hot drink and pastries is an opportunity to let go. It creates a space for expression, enabling seniors to give meaning to their emotions and boost their self-esteem through creativity. Exchanges with other seniors, the caregiver or the multidisciplinary teams help to bring seniors out of their isolation and encourage them to reach out to others.


Sophrology offers tips and tricks for dealing with emotions, stress and anxiety on a daily basis.

It's also a time for everyone to refocus on themselves.



A multi-service activity
Rhythm at the service of artistic, sporting or cultural activities, education, social ties or simply health.
The benefits of multi-rhythm,
Strengthening coordination: regaining regular walking and reducing the risk of falls.
Memory enhancement: delay the effects of aging by strengthening cognitive reserves.

Afternoons with caregivers

Caregiver afternoons offer participants a welcome break from their caregiving role.
caregiver role. Through sophrology workshops, caregivers can relax, refocus and find relief from the stress and anxiety associated with their responsibilities. Art therapy workshops also enable them to express their emotions, stimulate their creativity and foster a sense of well-being and personal fulfillment. These activities help build resilience and enhance overall well-being.

Coming soon:


For its 3rd year, the project will bring together the Hustle Paris (HP) club and the FSCF Île-de-France regional committee, in collaboration with the Flowering association, Entourages, MIST etc..... The aim is to organize multi-activity sessions for women in Paris, including yoga, self-defense, gym and other sports. The project aims to promote gender equality and combat discrimination and violence. Professional staff will supervise the sessions, with activities for children and awareness-raising for women. Sessions will run regularly from March to October, offering an opportunity for learning and physical and mental well-being.