A word from the President

Winter 2022 is just around the corner, and yet Hustle Paris is undergoing a revival. Mr. Lalaus has left me in his place, so, arming myself with my finest pen, I wanted to reiterate our thanks to you. It's thanks to you, our invaluable volunteers, that the heart of our beloved association beats: from the bottom of my heart, thank you.

Building on the powerful foundations laid by my predecessor, I will do my utmost to perpetuate his work and honor his achievements. I say it loud and clear, and I'll say it again and again: the social mix in Paris is a source of boundless wealth. Better still, it represents a springboard, a lever for granting those who are usually denied access to education, culture and sport - because we mustn't forget where we come from.

Of course, sport is still our spearhead. But this year has also seen a plethora of decisive projects in the field of solidarity. Helping the underprivileged, of which we are now a major player, has taken pride of place in our activities. I vow to make the most of this beneficial impetus. To continue this marvellous momentum on the social front, through truthful groundwork and serious development of popular education. For the association, and for you!


Our bias


Guarantee the continuity of schooling, education and sports.
Guarantee the right to succeed for all
Promoting the various expressions of success


Recognize the uniqueness of each young person and provide personalized support.
Enable each child to express his or her individuality, aspirations and potential.
Facilitate social and collective integration.


Helping young people understand the basis for their choices
Help adolescents take responsibility for their choices
Offer a path to integration
Facilitate orientation


Daring to make a difference through academic and sporting success
Daring external partnerships to make Hustle Paris Basket a place of knowledge informed by life's experiences.
Dare to be demanding and respect the rules of the game